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What volunteers do at the Games?

Above all, they create a positive image of the Games by welcoming the guests and participants of the Games in the best traditions of Russian hospitality. Volunteers assist in organising and holding the Games in various functional areas. For more details, please refer to the Functions and Duties

Who can become a volunteer of the Ekaterinburg 2023 FISU World University Games?

Citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens wishing to take part in the organisation and holding of the Games can become volunteers.

What is the minimum age for becoming a volunteer of the Games?

If you live in Ekaterinburg or the nearest settlements of the Sverdlovsk region (so you can get to shifts from home) you can apply for some positions from the age of 14 at the Games time.

Volunteers from other cities and abroad will be able to become part of our team from the age of 18 at the Games time.

Do I need to know a foreign language to become a volunteer of the Games?

Knowledge of a foreign language increases the chances of getting into the team of the Games volunteers but there are some positions where knowledge of the language is not a requirement.

Do I need volunteer experience to become part of the Games?

No, this is not a requirement. Of course, having volunteer experience is regarded as a plus but candidates without experience can also join our team!

How can I contact the Volunteer management team of the Games?

You can always contact us via feedback form in your personal account or emailing at volunteers@ekat2023.com.

Will any volunteers from other regions of Russia pay for their travel to and from Ekaterinburg?

Yes, the fare to Ekaterinburg will be paid.

Will volunteers be trained?

That’s right, all the volunteers will take training courses. Online training for the Games volunteers starts in March 2023, offline training takes place just before the Games.

When will the acceptance of applications for the Games be closed?

Acceptance of applications from candidates for volunteers will end in January 2023.

During which period the volunteers are involved?

During the entire period of the Games, volunteers are busy at their positions. There are also functional areas that begin their work a few weeks before the opening of the Games Village and the start of the competitions.

How many volunteers will there be at the Games?

There will be a total of at least 11,000 volunteers at the Ekaterinburg 2023 FISU World University Games. About 7,000 volunteers will be recruited from Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region, about 4, 000 volunteers will join the Games from various parts of Russia, and around 200 volunteers will come from abroad.

Do foreign candidates for the Games volunteers need to know Russian language?

Foreign candidates for the Games volunteers should know the basics of the Russian language required for daily communication and fulfillment of their functional duties.

What will volunteers get for their work?

First of all, volunteers will get useful practice and experience incredible emotions participating in a major international event!

The volunteers are also be provided with:

  • branded uniform

  • meals

  • certificate from the Games Directorate

  • Games souvenirs

  • transportation service

  • housing and meals at the place of accommodation for nonresident volunteers

Do volunteers get paid for their work?

No, volunteer work is not paid.


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Which volunteer activities do not require the foreign language knowledge?

A basic knowledge of English is sufficient for the following volunteer roles: Volunteer Headquarters volunteer, Publications volunteer, Main Operations Centre volunteer, as well as for some positions in the Event Services Functional Area, etc. You can find out more about the requirements for volunteers in each functional area during your interview!

What selection stages are awaiting candidates for the Games volunteers?

After the confirmation of the questionnaire by the volunteer team of the Ekaterinburg 2023 FISU World University Games the candidate needs to undergo online testing and an interview to determine the most suitable position for him/her in accordance with the personal qualities and existing skills.

What are the criteria for volunteers selection?

Candidates demonstrating fluency in a foreign language or having special skills in sports or journalism may have a slight advantage. However, the level of motivation, volunteer experience and social activities, candidates’ awareness of the Games are also taken into account during the selection process. Thus, a candidate without knowledge of a foreign language has every chance to become a part of the volunteers team!

When do the interviews of candidates for the Games volunteers begin?

The interview phase begins in March 2022 and ends in February 2023.

Why does the volunteer questionnaire require my personal data?

The personal details are required to pass the Games accreditation procedure for the selected and fully approved candidates following the results of all the stages.

How does the Games volunteer candidate interview go on?

The candidate independently signs up for an interview in his personal account. If he/she lives in a city where a volunteer recruitment center is available then he/she goes there for a face-to-face interview. If the candidate lives in another region, then he/she signs up for an online interview. The interview takes not more than 30 minutes.

When will the selection results be available?

The selection results will become available within a month after the candidate passes the interview. The final lists will be approved in July 2023.

How to become a volunteer of the Games?

You are to fill out a form on the official website vol.ekat2023.com, apply for participation in the Games and go through all the selection stages.


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Why don't I have training courses in my personal account?

The basic course and several tests will be available for candidates whose profiles have the status of "Verified".

Why can't I schedule an interview?

Interviews for candidates whose profiles are verified start on 22 March.

Why my questionnaire is being validated for a long time?

Verification of the questionnaire can take up to a month. Make sure that the questionnaire has the status "Pending". If the status of the questionnaire is "on completion", it means that the questionnaire has not been sent for verification and it is necessary to send the questionnaire for consideration by clicking the appropriate button.

Why can’t I upload photo to the website?

The photo does not meet one or several requirements. We advise you to re-read them and chose a proper photo.

Photo requirements:

  • not exceeding 2 MB

  • minimum horizontal size: 420 pixels

  • minimum vertical size: 525 pixels

  • formats: jpeg, jpg, png

  • full-face, head upright position (no tilting, turning or head lag)

  • white background (facial features should be easily distinguishable and contrasting with the background)

Why, after correcting the questionnaire, it does not pass the check?

After correcting the data in the questionnaire, it must be re-sent for consideration. Make sure that the questionnaire has "On completion" status and await the results of the review.

Why can't I save the questionnaire?

That means some fields of the questionnaire are filled in incorrectly. Please check the entire questionnaire, correct the shortcomings and try to save the questionnaire again.

Why can't I apply for the Games?

Only candidates whose profiles have the status of "Verified" can apply. Wait for the verification of the questionnaire and the application will be available!