19–31 august 2023 year


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Is it necessary to speak a foreign language to become a volunteer of the Festival?

Command of a foreign language increases your chances to become a volunteer of the Festival, but there are positions where foreign language skills are not required.

Is it necessary to have volunteer experience to become a volunteer of the Festival?

No, it is not required. Of course, volunteer experience will be a plus, but candidates without relevant experience also have an opportunity to join our team!

What do volunteers get for their work?

First of all, volunteers get experience, which will certainly prove helpful in the future, as well as vivid emotions from being part of a major international event!

In addition, volunteers will be provided with:

  • unique uniform

  • meals when on duty

  • letter of appreciation signed by the OC CEO

  • souvenir products

  • free travel on public transport.

When will volunteers be involved?

Volunteers will be on duty during the entire time of the Festival. There are also functional areas that begin working several weeks prior to the opening of the Athletes Village and the start of the competitions.

How can I reach the Festival volunteer team?

You can always contact us via the feedback form on your personal account or by e-mailing to volunteers@ekat2023.com.

If I am not from Yekaterinburg, can I become a volunteer of the Festival?

Yes, you can.

However, the Festival Directorate does not provide volunteers with travel to Yekaterinburg and back, accommodation and meals outside of shifts. You need to provide the above services yourself.

Do volunteers receive any payment for their work?

No, volunteer work is not paid for.

What will volunteers do for the Festival?

First and foremost, volunteers are the face of the Festival! They demonstrate hospitality of Russia and the host city. Volunteers assist in holding the Festival in various functional areas. For more information, see the Functions and Positions section.

From what age can one become a volunteer of the Festival?

Anyone from the age of 18 can become a Volunteer of the Festival (some positions could be offered to those at the age of 16 as of the first day of the Festival).

When does the application procedure to become a volunteer of the Festival end?

The acceptance of volunteer applications ends June 30th.

Will volunteers undergo training?

Of course! All volunteers will go through a training course. Online education for the Festival volunteers starts in May 2023, with offline training scheduled for just before the Festival.

Who is eligible to become a volunteer of the University International Sports Festival 2023 in Ekaterinburg?

Russian and foreign citizens who are willing to take part in the organisation and holding of the Festival.


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Why does the volunteer questionnaire ask for my personal data?

The data of the candidates, who have been approved based on the results of all selection stages, are required for the accreditation procedure of the Festival.

What are the criteria for selecting volunteers?

Candidates who speak a foreign language or have special skills such as sports or journalist training have a slight advantage. However, during the selection, the candidate’s motivation, volunteer and social work experience, his\her knowledge about the Festival are also taken into consideration. That’s why a candidate who does not speak a foreign language has all chances to join the volunteer team!

What is the procedure for taking up an interview to become a Festival volunteer?

Candidates book time for an interview in their personal account. If they are Ekaterinburg residents, they may visit the Festival’s Volunteer Centre for an offline interview. If they live in another region, they sign up for an online interview. The interview takes no more than 30 minutes.

When will the results of the volunteer selection be announced?

The selection results will be announced within a month after the candidate has passed the interview. The final list will be approved in July 2023.

How can I become a Festival volunteer?

Submit an application form, and go through all selection stages.

When will interviews of Festival volunteer candidates start?

The interview stage starts in April 2023 and ends in July 2023.

What selection stages will the Festival volunteer candidates go through?

After the questionnaire has been confirmed by the Festival volunteer team, the candidate must pass an online test and an interview to be assigned to the position that suits most his or her personal qualities and skills.


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How to apply for participation in the Festival?

You need to register on the site and apply to participate.

Why doesn’t the site allow to upload a photo?

This means that the photo does not comply with one or several requirements. Revisit photo requirements and upload the photo that fully complies with them.

Photo requirements:

  • weight: no more than 2 MB

  • minimum horizontal size: 420 pixels

  • minimum vertical size: 525 pixels

  • formats: jpeg, jpg, png

  • taken in full-face view, the head must be put up straight (it must not be leaned, turned, or tilted)

  • taken in front of a white background (face features should be easily distinguished and contrast with the background).

Why can’t I sign up for an interview?

Interviews for candidates, whose questionnaires have been checked, start in April 2023.

Why can't I save my questionnaire?

This means that some fields have been filled in incorrectly. Check the entire questionnaire, correct what is wrong and try saving again.