Time in Yekaterinburg

29 November, 06:47:58

The Games Directorate took part in the Volunteers in the Socio-Cultural Sector festival

The IV regional festival that gathered active volunteers and volunteer movement organisers from all over the country took place on December 14 in Pervouralsk.

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The event aims to create a forum for a dialogue between citizens partial to as well as government and non-profit organisations that conduct volunteer work in the socio-cultural sector. The “Good and Will” award was also given to the most active volunteers of the Sverdlovsk Region as part of the festival.

By the end of the Games Directorate’s employees’ presentation, guests of the event acquainted themselves with general information about the 2023 FISU World University Games, the selection stages for the competition’s volunteer team, opportunities and services for the volunteers. An open dialogue between participants was part of the presentation as well. Anyone could ask a question and receive answers for any questions they had. This, for example, resulted in forum guests finding out certain intricacies to help them pass the Games volunteer selection process.