Time in Yekaterinburg

29 November, 06:12:42

The 2023 WUG volunteer program was presented in Chelyabinsk

The presentation was a part of the Big Volunteer Festival that was held in Chelyabinsk on September 18.

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The festival aims to gather not only currently active Ural volunteers but all caring people who want to know more about the main volunteer functional areas. The purpose of this event is to promote volunteerism. It was the first of its kind in South Ural.

The Games volunteer program presentation was held at the festival’s auditorium. Guests learned how to become a volunteer, which selection stages to expect, which functional areas can they choose from, and what will they receive for their help.

The 2023 FISU World University Games venue was working in the festival’s area. Anyone could acquaint themselves with information about the Games, take part in a quiz and win prizes with the Games symbols.